Rudiantara Will Close Social Media If There Is Still Many Negative Content

Rudiantara Will Close Social Media If There Is Still Many Negative Content

Techno Rudiantara is Indonesia Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Rudiantara’s consideration was based on the benefits and losses incurred by social media. If according to the government the negative effects of social media more, then it is not impossible they will close social media.

Hoax content that around in social media to make sultry government. As a result, Minister of Communications and Informatics Rudiantara reopened the option to close the service.

“Not only is the restricted access of his account, if necessary, the service provider will be closed,” said Rudiantara when he introduced the Indonesian Ulema Council’s (MUI) fatwa related to the use of social media at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics Building on Monday June 05.

Of course Rudiantara will not necessarily close services such as Twitter and Facebook. He said there are stages, especially at the level of social media service providers. As a first step, Rudiantara will travel to social media organizers to discuss the government’s intentions. They want the over the top (OTT) company to work with the government by providing quick action.

“Look, we ask all the social media organizers, OTT in general it works together. This means providing level services, if the government asks to give certain treatment on his account, yes please do, “he said. “Do not have to be blocked, just blocked like Afi (Nihaya),” he added.

Rudiantara was not concerned about being considered authoritarian, because as explained by him, the first step social media organizers must cooperate with the government.

“That’s why I say the speech is not our goal to close social media organizers but we ask for cooperation. Cooperation that we request is also for the benefit of the nation, “said Rudi. “But if it has to be yes it should be means that now open the possibility for that,” concluded RA.

The minister who is familiarly called Chief RA said that negative content to cover the benefits that should be obtained by the community. He tells how Facebook in the early days of his meritorious merit connecting friends or relatives who have long broken friendship.

But over time, a number of users take advantage of and other social media as a tool of propaganda and incitement that harms the public at large. Nevertheless, Rudiantara refused to be considered repressive. The decision to close social media service providers will be done if it is really forced.