Apple Smart Futuristic Speaker Named HomePod

Apple Smart Futuristic Speaker Named HomePod

Techno When Amazon have Echo, Google have Home too, now Apple brings speakers as its second competitor, HomePod. This smart speaker is integrated with Siri. So not only a speaker to pamper users, but also functions like a personal digital assistant at home.

About sound, as quoted by Reuters, HomePod guaranteed quality because Apple equip with seven speakers at the bottom and Woofer measuring 4 inches on all sides.

The HomePod speakers are also paired with six useful microphones to access Siri to perform various commands. How to simply say Hey Siri, then say what the digital assistant wants to do.

Apple is expected to announce plans this week to make its Siri voice assistant work with a larger variety of apps, but initial changes were expected to add just a small number of capabilities.

The HomePod speaker stands just under seven inches (18 cm) tall and is covered in fabric mesh that will come in white or gray. A computer processor will tune sound to the room and beam specific parts of music, like a singer’s voice, toward the listener.

When Siri is enabled a color wave appears at the top of HomePod. The appearance of these waves reminds us of LED lights on Amazon Echo. But Apple complements its smart speakers with touch controls.

So users can ask for conversions, news, weather, traffic, sports, make reminders and more via the Siri command. In addition, using HomePod can send iMessage from these speakers. Do not miss the control of HomeKit devices remotely.

The price itself is priced at US $ 349 or about Rp 4.6 million, there are two color variants that can be selected, namely black and white. And will be marketed from the end of the year, starting from the United States, Britain and Australia just after other countries.